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Oval Handle Ball valves

Updated: Mar 30

Oval Handle Ball Valves - The Speciality

Flowtorq Engineering produced finest Alloy 20 material oval handle ball valves and check valve to an export customer in March 2022. Probably Flowtorq Engineering is the only company which makes proven design oval handle ball valves manufacturer in India.

Oval Handle Ball Valves
Oval Handle Ball valves

Oval Handle Ball Valves - The Trusted name of Flowtorq Valves

Oval handle Ball valves are one of rarest ball valves type used typically in pharma industry, chemical industry and cosmetic industry. With very few manufacturers in the world designing and producing this type of valves, the market demand is very high but the sources are very less.

With Flowtorq Engineering Valves, taking the challange to develop these type of valves in India, probably it can be said that we are the first company in India to develop these type of valves with special oval shaped handles.

These valves are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, chrome and nickel alloys, etc. Types including ball valves, butterfly valves and plug valves. Pressure rating from 150# upto 800#.

More details can be taken from and

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