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Butterfly Valve Manufacturers in India, Valves Manufacturer Supplier

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Best Butterfly Valve Manufacturers in India

Best Butterfly valve for Oil & gas, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Power and Water industry. At the present time, we are leaders among Butterfly Valve manufacturers in India. Also, a leading producer of Centerline, Double offset Butterfly Valves and Triple Offset Butterfly Valves. Generally, ‘Flowtorq Engineering’ supplies highest quality butterfly valves available in India. All Valves are designed as per latest API, EN, BS and AWWA standards. Though, our Butterfly Valves are used for Oil & Gas, Hydrocarbons, Petrochemicals, Chemicals and Food & Beverages industries. In addition, We also manufacture lined butterfly valves for Damper systems complete with actuator and other accessories.

wafer type butterfly valves supplier
Wafer type Butterfly Valves for fire fighting service

If compared to center line valves, our Perfect Double Eccentric & Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves are best suited in case of overall high pressure applications.

Undoubtedly, we have gained enormous experience in both Indian and equally important global market. Soon we look ahead to be the best Butterfly Valves manufacturer in India and obviously in the world. Moreover, We have also set up R&D center. Certainly, this center will develop new designs and on the other hand it will eliminate the difficulties of our end users.

Types of Butterfly Valve in our range

A butterfly valve is a on-off & regulating device that can be an option, in some applications, with globe, gate and ball valves.

This type of valve may be classified base on multiple parameters:

  • Design: centric or centerline type, double eccentric type and triple eccentric type

  • End connection type: wafer, lug (semi or full), flanged and double flanged

  • Seat material: Soft Seated Butterfly valve (example: Teflon, Buna, rubber, etc) and metal-to-metal or Metal Seated Butterfly Valve (SS304, SS316, etc.)

  • Body and disc materials (from cast iron to high nickel alloys)

  • Operation: Manual Operated Butterfly Valve(lever, gear, a worm gear) and Actuator Operated Butterfly Valve (electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and gas-over-oil types)


Technical Specifications of butterfly valves designed by Flowtorq Engineering is as under but not limited to:

  • Size Range – 2″ to 80″

  • Pressure Rating – 150#, 300#, 600#, PN 1.6 to PN 20

  • Design Standard - API 609, ISO 5752, BS 5155, AWWA, ASME B 16.34

  • Testing Standard - API 598, B S5146, ISO 5208 Rate A, FCI 70.2

  • Pressure Temperature Rating Standard - ASME B 16.34

  • Certifications – ISO, CE, Atex, etc.

  • Inspected & Witnessed By third party agencies

  • API Valves, ATex Valves, CE Valves, Process Valves, Gas Valves, Water Valves, Cryogenic Service, Fire Safe

Applications and Uses of Butterfly Valve Type

The following are some typical applications of Butterfly valves:

  • Cooling water, air, gases, fire protection etc.

  • Slurry and similar services.

  • Vacuum service.

  • High-pressure and high-temperature water and steam services.

  • Compressed Air or Gas Applications.

  • ON OFF and Flow Control

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