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Quality Assurance

As matter of fact, Quality Assurance is the most important process in our organization. Firstly, With our Quality Focused Approach we take a “no-compromise” stand on Quality. After all, Quality Assurance (QA) is a method of forestalling missteps and imperfections. In addition, this is for items and evading issues while conveying items or administrations to clients. Indeed, ISO 9000 characterizes as “a feature of value the executives zeroed in on giving certainty that quality prerequisites will be fulfilled”.

high Quality valve manufacturing process


  • Specifically, the materials purchased are from approved sources with authentic Test Certificates

  • Moreover, Routine & non-routine Quality checks at suppliers and vendor works

  • Our valves and equipment are pressure tested & hydro-tested. This is witnessed by our inspectors at 50% to 100% of total quantity with random selection.

  • Above all, the products we supply are accompanied by Test Certificates and Guarantee certificates.

  • Lastly, We adhere to latest international standards in system, design and quality.

AS we believe that our customer must not lose our trust, we ensure none of procedures are left. Quality assurance includes two principles: both “Fit for purpose” and “right first time”. Although our QA/QC includes management of the quality of raw materials, assemblies, products and components,. Similarly, services related to production, management, production and inspection processes will also be included. Certainly, the two principles also manifest the background of developing a novel technical product. In conclusion, the task of engineering is to make it work once. While the task of quality assurance is to make it work all the time.


  • Firstly, All the Equipment & materials are according to latest API, BS & ISO standards.

  • Secondly, The ability to interact with customers at all levels of its organization for Quality related issues.

  • To ensure best quality and reliable products, Stage wise inspection shall be done at every stage.

  • General tests like LPT/MPT must be done followed by other specialty tests shall be done as per customer requirements.

  • Rust preventive coating & best Quality painting is done. To ensure maximum resistance & endurance to environmental effects.

Approved Valve manufacturer
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