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Valve supplier in visakhapatnam

Updated: Feb 8

Valve Supplier in Visakhaptnam

Since the industrial revolution post cold-war, there has been enourmous growth in the valve industry due to demand and stiff competition of technology. The valves has continuously evolved overtime to suit the growing needs of process plants and their critical optimized applications. It is quite a difficult task to shortlist top valve manufacturers in Visakhapatnam, but based on some audits, we have mentioned few valves manufacturers based on client feedback, supplier feedback, product quality, Year to Year growth, etc.Valve supplier in Visakhapatnam

European countries, particularly Italy and Spain are considered to be pioneers and oldest Valve suppliers in Visakhapatnam. However, the growing costs in Europe has resulted in Aisa to become the fastest and biggest valve producers with countries like US, Italy, Spain, China, India, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, etc. Currently, India and China are considered to be top valve producers in Asia with second world market domination after European makes.

Top Valve Manufacturers in Ahmedabad
Top Valve Supplier in Visakhapatnam

The Valve Market - Best Valve supplier in Visakhapatnam

Since the start of manufacturing of valves in Visakhapatnam, approximately in 1990's or around by state owned companies in India and other private players, valve market in Ahmedabad has continuously flourished. With Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hubli and Chennai being the hub of valves manufacturing, there are more than 20 companies including large, medium and micro producers. It is quite a difficult task to shortlist or rank, but few are listed based on foundation and growth percentage.

Top Valve Supplier in Visakhaptnam

1. Flowtorq Engineering

Flowtorq Engineering is one of among the fastest growing valve supplier in Visakhapatnam. Established in 2020, it posted a first order of Rs. 0.018 million in annual returns but increased tremendously to a whopping Rs. 2.35 million in returns. That's a whopping 12990.6% increase in revenue. Flowtorq Engineering's Valves division designs and manufactures full range of valves including Ball, Gate, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Butterfly Valves, Plug Valves, Control Valves, Automated Valves, Peumatic And Electric Operated Valves, etc.

With exports to refineries in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Flowtorq is also expanding its' market base in India to private sector and public sector consumers. With all products complying to API, BS, CE, ISO requirements, Flowtorq gives an edge to other manufaturing companies in it's category.

Flowtorq's manufacturing units are located in Thane (Mumbai) and Ahmedabad.

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a. Ball Valves

‘Flowtorq’ designs and manufactures best quality Floating ball valves as well as Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves Used in Oil & Gas, Hydrocarbons, Petrochemicals, Chemicals and Food & Beverages industries. In addition, Flowtorq is a leader in manufacturing is of Emergency shut down (ESD) systems according to API 6D. Overall It is complete with both actuator and other accessories. Additionally our sales team is looking for supply chain partnerships with stockists in middle east. Hence, this makes us one of top ball valve supplier in Visakhapatnam.

b. Gate Valves

Considered as Best Gate Valve Manufacturers in Visakhapatnam today. Comparatively, ‘Flowtorq’ is both manufacturer and supplier of highest quality API 600 Gate valves & API 6D Gate valve manufacturers in Visakhapatnam, India. Basically, gate valves are used in Oil & Gas, Hydrocarbons, Petrochemicals, Chemicals and Food & Beverages industries. In fact, We are leaders in innovative design, manufacturing and also, production of gate valves. In general, we produce wedge gate valves, slide gate valves, fabricated gate valves and forged valves in Ahmedabad. Undoubtedly, Flowtorq and has evolved into both best gate valve manufacturers and gate valve suppliers.

c. Globe Valves

Indeed, one of the Best Globe Valves Manufacturer in Visakhapatnam. ‘Flowtorq’ certainly is manufacturer and supplier of highest quality BS 1873 Pressure sealed Globe valves in India. From time to time, our valves are used in Oil & Gas, Hydrocarbons, Petrochemicals, Chemicals and Food & Beverages industries. For this reason, We are leaders in design, manufacturing and production of plug type, flow control valves, pressure control valves and forged steel globe valves in Visakhapatnam. Also, we have evolved into best globe valve manufacturer and supplier in Visakhapatnam and India.

d. Butterfly Valves

Best Butterfly valve for Oil & gas, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Power and Water industry. Leading Valves Manufacturers in Visakhapatnam. At the present time, we are leaders among Butterfly Valve manufacturers in Visakhapatnam. Also, a leading producer of Double offset Butterfly Valves and Triple Offset Butterfly Valves. Generally, ‘Flowtorq Engineering’ manufactures highest quality butterfly valves. All Valves are designed as per latest API, EN BIS and AWWA standards. Though, our Butterfly Valves are used for Oil & Gas, Hydrocarbons, Petrochemicals, Chemicals and Food & Beverages industries.

e. Check Valves

Best Check Valves ranging from 1/2" to 32" for all types of process industries by Leading Check Valves Manufacturers in Visakhapatnam. At the present time, ‘Flowtorq’ manufactures highest quality Check Valves (Non Return Valves) in Visakhapatnam, India. Design and Manufactured as per BS1868, API Standards. Significantly, our these are Used especially for Oil & Gas, Hydrocarbons, Petrochemicals, Chemicals and Food & Beverages industries. We are indeed leaders in design, manufacturing and production of check valves. Our manufacturing range includes swing check valves, dual plate check valves, non slam, tilting disc and lift check valves in Visakhapatnam. Furthermore, we have evolved into best supplier in Visakhapatnam and India. In fact our strong network of best quality resources and materials helped us to be on the list of top Check valve manufacturers in Visakhapatnam.


It is a difficult task as one have to be sure enough and consider product quality, reliability end user safety, after sales services, etc. Flowtorq Engineering is Top valve suppliers in Visakhapatnam, it is difficult to decide a clear choice of new generation engineering applications and end users. With their on call and on conference engineering consulting services, Flowtorq engineering provides it's customers more safer and easier solutions. Design, Production, Testing and Dispatch processes are highly optimised in an central ERP controlled environment where all the watch on processes are kept by managing teams.

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