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Valve Manufacturer Supplier, Valves Exporter in Mumbai

Updated: May 28, 2023

FLOWTORQ ENGINEERING - Valve Manufacturer Supplier, Valves Exporter in Mumbai

Flowtorq Engineering is the best quality valve manufacturer in Mumbai. We design gate valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, globe valves and check valves. We are one of product exporters of valves in Middle East, Africa, Europe, etc.

Specialized valve manufacturer in Mumbai
Specialised Alloy 20 valves for high temperature service

Being the best valve manufacturer in Mumbai and supplying all over India

Flowtorq Engineering valves has proven track record in supplying best quality valves. Among any other valve manufacturer in Mumbai, Flowtorq Engineering has gianed fastest growth in terms of client share, specialized valves market in India and middle east.

Types of Valves:

We design and manufacture the following products :

Valve Applications and Industries Served

Flowtorq Engineering designs and manufactures valves for oil and gas, refineries, power plants, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, water filtration, ETP, STP, food and beverages industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

valve manufacturer in Mumbai, valve supplier in Mumbai, valves exporter in Mumbai

valves exporter in Mumbai
Valves for petrochemical plant appliations

Our valves are designed as per latest standards like API, ASME, BS, etc. and can be used for gases, liquids and slurry applications.

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